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Rename Hugewoah to Hugewhoa.#51 

No idea if you admins also run that, but if you’re going to have that monstrosity of a site linked at the top of Hugelol, you might as well spell it right.

Evil Paragon
9 months ago

I don’t know if that’s just a regional thing Paragon, but it’s spelled Woah here

9 months ago

It’s not a regional thing. Many people from many different English speaking countries have the same problem within their own borders.
It appears that Woah more often than not is favoured in the UK, but the history of the word starts with “Whoa” and overtime… somewhere, the H got moved.

The Oxford Dictionary (British) appears to be the only English dictionary I can find where the word is Whoa, but Woah is also recognised as a variant. Not in Australian, American, South African, etc.

But in short, Woah is a spelling error that many people think is correct.
Unless you’re in Britain, but then Whoa is still correct.

Evil Paragon
9 months ago

Or just delet that normie trash, the two people who go there once a month won’t be too sad

7 months ago