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We need "better" ads#49   


I enjoyed browsing the site for a few years now and I would love to whitelist HL on my AdBlock. However, I find it impossible to do so with the current ads. I couldn’t care less about the latest celebrity news and I can safely assume that I speak for the vast majority of the userbase. Furthermore, the ads are flashy, distracting and literally follow you while you browse the page. Now I know that hosting HL ain’t free, but you should know your demographic better. Take 4chan for example. They have ads about VPNs and anime merch because well, that what their users are interested in. I’m not saying the same thing will work here, but I heard that Crunchyroll is very generous with ppl advertising them :) But really, any simple ad that would not take your eyes off the content might earn you an extra coin.

Yours truly, Tara

26 days ago

The only ads I can’t tolerate are automatically playing video ads, and ads that follow you as you scroll. The content of the ads doesn’t matter, as long as they’re not annoying (popups, videos, & those that follow) I’m fine with it.

23 days ago

Please no anime ads. Don’t encourage these people and that side of HL. I agree with the rest.

21 days ago

Accept donations! (sorry I can’t post for some reason)

20 days ago