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A "request chat" for finding memes and posts#48

It happened to me many times that I remembered some post/meme but wan’t really able to find it because the title most of the time doesn’t match with what I remember about the post/meme and the title itself isn’t the thing I remember so I don’t have chance to find it.
But - if I describe the post/meme, others could know and they could send a link for the requested post.

a year ago

While I’ll almost certainly regret this, Downudder and I do a good job of keeping track of notable posts and you’re welcome to ask. Also asking in a comment or on a Discord will usually get at least one person to answer.

But I do agree that we need better searching or tagging options.

a year ago

i dont embrace the overuse of hashtags, like on twitter, but i think making it possible to assign up to 3 or 4 hashtags to a post would make it a lot easier to browse, especially when you are looking for posts made with a certain template or memes about a specific fandom. for example #drake #40k #jojo #monsterinc etc

It's Rakarasami
9 months ago